"Pikes Peak" box (one time purchase)

***Boxes start shipping October 14th!

Our go-to and most popular subscription box ever! "Pikes Peak" is the one stop shop for all your smoking essentials each and every month. Random glass/silicone rigs and/or smoking accessories hand picked from vendors all over. See what all the hype is about!

Shipping within the US: $6.99

Included in the October 2019 Box:

  • 8 inch Custom Sandblasted Skull Beaker Water Pipe 
  • 14 mm Glass Bowl
  • Glass Downstem
  • Silicone / Glass Universal Bowl / Fits 14 mm & 18 mm
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Kasher Lighter Tool
  • RAW Papers
  • Doob Tube
  • Pineapple Paradise High Hemp Wraps


 ***all items subject to change based on availability