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Balanced Veteran Network Nonprofit

About Balanced Veterans Network

Their mission is to create a safe space for the education, empowerment, and advocacy of alternative therapies for veterans. Much more than a non-profit, the Balanced Veterans Network is a community, a peer to peer network of veterans and their family members advocating and taking their transition and healing journey into their own hands. BVN provides education to empower veterans to use alternative therapies to combat the alarming issues like the suicide and opioid epidemic and the difficult time navigating transition out of the military.

They wholeheartedly believe that medication alone is not the answer, therefore, BVN offers support in four areas to help veterans and their families find tools to live a more balanced life: Operation 1620, Mental Wellness, Movement, and Project Triangle.

After amazing relationships and communication between the officers of BVN, we, the Elevated Stash Family, are confident in our donations being put to great use by their team that is striving to make a difference for veterans.

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