About Operation 1620

Operation 1620 is a growing peer to peer non-profit organization bringing awareness, education and support to veterans using cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Based in Chicago, IL, they work with local cultivators, dispensaries and other organizations to create beneficial relationships that provide increased access to as many veterans as possible in the form of discounts, merchandise and events. They are also branching out into other states to do the same. They have new programs being formed and relationships being built on a regular basis and 2019 is looking like a growth year. After positive communication between the officers of this nonprofit, we, the Elevated Stash Family, are confident in our donations being put to great use by their team that is striving to make a difference for veterans.

One of the unique characteristics of Operation 1620 is the private and secure platform to post your questions, share your experience, and connect with veterans using cannabis as an alternative medicine. Veterans have a sense of trust and understanding that many others do not understand and they work to provide an open discussion to help them learn from each other.​

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